In The Pipe

That's right bitches! We are done here. 2012 is all but a bunch of history, something that we will remember in the rear view mirror. On a side note, I would hope that some of those plays are due to my incessant linking to it. To be fair though, it is pretty fucking epic. Anyway, if you aren't listening to a metric-shit-ton of this, you hate this

In addition, hat tip, the metric system is "badass"

So what would a top ten of this year look like? Glad you asked. Without further ado, keep it real for the rest of the year, be prepared for the 13, and enjoy the list.

  1. OSX: Yes, perhaps I am a self proclaimed Apple lover but, it is hard to argue with the fit and finish of BSD, Linux, and Unix that Apple has accomplished with their recent OS release. Kudos and if you have an issue with "planned obsolescence", feel free to buy one of these.
  2. Paleo living: I have spent a good part of the year following a rigorous Paleo diet and am convinced that we are brainwashed by bread and McDonalds. I have never felt better, stronger, etc. The food might seem a little weird (beef heart) but, it is well worth the experience/experiment.
  3. Quiting: Not something that everyone should look to do. However, if you are feeling stuck, now, rather than later is the best time to quit. Do something fresh, exciting, scary, whatever!
  4. Podcasts: This one seems to slip into every top 10 list since 2009, when I started podcasting. If you yearn (in your pants yabbies) to learn, than it it hard not to glean something from listening. Here are a few current ones from a recent Instacast dump.
  5. Rdio: Hot on the list of audible items, Rdio and it's stylish design wax the music nerd in me. Having a plethora of mp3s on my computer doesn't make much sense when you can stream an unlimited amount of anything.
  6. Apartment Therapy: My wife and myself recently moved into our first apartment where we didn't share space with friends or a roommate. After living for so long with people, you shed most of your unneeded belongings. This means that we had a lot of shopping to do and much of it inspired from this blog.
  7. Apple's New iMac: Being a laptop man, I rarely look towards Apple's desktop offerings. However, this has changed with their recent upgrade. I have spent a few minutes with the 27inch model and the take away is: the Fusion drive seems brilliant and overall the machine is a beast of power and beauty.
  8. Surgery. If you are an athlete and you are sitting on a past injury...and you have health insurance, you are a moron. I have been nursing a failing shoulder for nearly 10 years. This year I gave up and had surgery and I will never look back.
  9. Trivia: wading into the trivia waters can be a shark filled affair. There are some players out there that are unbelievable with the knowledge they have access to at the tip of their subconscious. I gave it a whirl and although, our team has yet to become spectacular, we have learned a lot. Moral? Do something you suck at and keep doing it even if you never get better.
  10. Javascript: Javascript was my language of the year. In addition, I learned Coffeescript, a little bit of Node, and a bunch of other random stuff. I am still no where near as efficient in it as I am Ruby; however, there is a spot in my heart for this unruly little functional language.

Yep, that's all she wrote.