Tmux Powerline Pimping

Alright folks if you don't use Tmux you are pretty much doing it 100% wrong and you won't get much out of this post. Also, I understand... or "hear" that Screen is wicked awesome-tastic; however, I couldn't care less.

If for by some miracle, you do use Tmux, why aren't you using this? Sure, it is a little colorful, and a bit noisy... but, yeah feel free to tell your friends you found it, and you didn't hear it from me. Right, since most of the segments are just bash scripts I have been searching for one that will show off the current temp of the machine. What joy I must have been in when I found this snippet from Coderwall. Although, it is wrong.

Yeah, I was wicked surprised as well. Besides, does "Coderwall" sound like a place where people go to circlejerk to anyone else... wait, is it?

It appears that between that..."Coderwall" and now, Tmux-powerline has gone through a rewrite and yielded the snippet useless. Since there is a real place for these kinds of things, here is the correct code in the form of a gist. Place the code into a newly written file in the segments directory and name it something smart(with a .sh file extension). Then, run chmod a+x filename to make the script super executable. Finally, add it into your theme and


The only problem is smcFanControl in the menu bar and in Tmux both use the same binary to read the temp. However, on my Macbook Air there is a 5-10 degree differance between the two. Must be due to the fact that the temp is in Celcius.