Rails Custom Code

It happens to be Thursday which, unbeknownst to me, is highly speculative. In addition, I received some feedback on "something" this week that made me chuckle. Being a fairly normal developer, the moment chuckling gets in the mix, I head strait to Github for a venting session. Feel free to take these two files of code for example.

The first controller in the gist is something that I wrote from the ground up. Every instance variable, hand crafted and exuding an amount of love and care that is frankly, so fucking "pornograpic" in nature you might get fired if you glance upon it.

The second controller is an absolute pile of generated trash. That's right! Rails and its' handy dandy generators made that one and talk about code smells. Phew, that shits worse than Whales, which is apparently a shithole, akin only to Jersey.

For all new, old, aspiring, and even pining Rubyists out there: You suck unless you ashew provided tools and waste your time creating a simple but, "custom" controller. Yep, be "custom" over being effective.

You are welcome.