Triad Startups Launched

For a couple of months… err maybe longer, I have been working, slowly on the launch of Triad Startups. Sir, well I am not entirely sure if he is officially knighted, David Horne and myself have been attempting to "co-join" all startups hanging out in the Triad region of NC. And we have done it!

At the moment there isn't too much going on over there. However, if you are a local and/or would like to stay in the know, sign up for the newsletter. We will be sending out a handcrafted email every month that will inform and excite you about everything "start-uppery" going on in our Triad. If you have some skills that you want to share and you would like to pitch in a helping hand with design/development we would completely enjoy it.

For all the haters out there, sipping on all their haterade, fuck yeah. I can launch something.