Writing Better Specs

Having had the pleasure to get back into Ruby and subsequently the "Rails Stack", I am now writing a lot more tests. For many people this tends to be a bad thing but, I find it one of the best ways to write any type of software. In addition, you sometimes need to explain to a designer why a specific interaction needs to occur. These guys/gals usually have a "cool story bro" mentality about them and since they are often awash with color palettes, they sometimes "gloss" over specifics.

This will be a series of features that are used to explain interactions in my current work. Ready? Set-GO!

Say I am like: oh, crap, I forgot my oldest kid. Mostly because they are rambunctious and spend a lot of money but, mainly because they were a mistake. Regardless, I sign back into the application to add him but, because I am on my 4th Ardbeg Old Fashion of the night (the kids drove me to this) I am all shaky and mistype my password.

I call it starry, forgotten night.