Staging Your Personal SS

So much has happened since August and now. It is so actually incomprehensible that I will leave my readership, what's left of it to only wonder. Perhaps the absence has actually ran all the readers, who in fact can't read off and some qualtity ones have returned. Alas, it is doubtful since the state of boredom in America is staggering these days. Yep, we are so tired of stairing at our iPads we have resorted to writing articles on chewing food. Sorry if the following doesn't trump that.

Recently I have been thinking considerably about the need, and use of staging branches. No, not servers, just the branches. Often times mine is in a state of reset --hard disaray. The reflog reflects the final 100 pages in Umberto's freebasing masterpiece The Island Of The Day Before (there is a good reason why the audio cassette can be picked up for 1 cent). To top it all off? This branch rarely-if-ever gets synced with GitHub.

This is where many purest string me up and make finely cured meat out of me. Moreover, myself 1-2 years ago would have been right with them. However, now I simply see no point in it. Staging is as tumultuous as this video or at best, the way Douglass Adams describes the meaning of 'life'. Staging, an active staging, is in constant flux, never complete, always on the move. Due to all of this, keeping it in sync seems like a foolish persuit. Maybe I am missing something? If so shoot me a message on Twitter and make sure it is full of witty expletives.

Also on a much bigger note, watch out for other, somewhat better written (I think there might even be editors involved) articles over at Dynamo's new bluurrrg. It's guarenteed to be 600% better than this has ever been... Even when this place was owned by the Swedish Anti-Powerpoint party.

Be safe, be seen