The Long Troll

One off Interent trolling isn't anything new, nor is it something that could be construed as hard. Someone jumps into a conversation, drops a bombshell and walks away. They never have to feel the consequenses or even play a second hand. They are in and out.

The long troll is where someone enters the conversation, slightly alters the direction and then continues to repeat the cycle. Perhaps the original recipient intended something to be both informative and marketable. However, your mind warped their intentions into something that was not only extremely giggleable but, something that you can continue to giggle at.

The best part about long trolling is the likelyhood that both parties win. The original person doesn't feel slighted, in fact, they often feel overwhelmed that someone on the Internet is talking directly to them. Moreover, the trolling party get's their giggles and remains the smug human they think they are. Just remember, long trolls are your friends, and quick trolls or "trolls" are just dicks.

Who wants to go to the nC Rv Show? #nc

— Braden Douglass (@braidn) February 21, 2014