AppSignal And Cloud66 Deploys

Peter Berkenbosch wrote an interesting piece on how to notify AppSignal that your code has had a successful deploy from Cloud66. This is a somewhat understated need by the folks at AppSignal. Errors from a deployed application are actually tallied up for each deploy. Meaning if never notified of different or subsequent deploys, AppSignal will shelve everything under 1 deploy. UI wise this is a bit of a shit show.

While Peter’s shell command is nice, it’s a bit verbose and I have had some issues accessing HEAD while in the deploy directory. That’s why I built this script:

While it’s a little long (much longer that 80c), it uses Git log which we have easy access to in any Git repo. In no way am I saying that this script trumps Peters; it just happens to be different. Marry this to the deploy_hooks.yml example in Peter’s post and you will be quickly alerting AppSignal every time there is a deploy.