At one time or another, there was an attempt in my life to be a bit of a photographer. A cool, Canon DSLR sat in my hands from when college finished into the latter years of my 20's. For some reason, there was always a form of hesitation to take it out of it's case and snap pictures. Even when my wife and I lived in the splendor that is Jackson Wyoming.

In the end, the camera was given to my mother in law. She seemed to have the tenacity to pull it out and snap pictures far more often than I ever exhibited. Lately though there has been an intense burning to get back into some form of photography. Now though, I don't want there to be a need to find new lenses, to build a base of items. No, just a simple camera, that takes stunning photos and is there to capture life.

This is what is pulling me towards photography as a whole. The idea of capture. It is slow, deliberate and most often times an utter failure. The idea is that it will slow life down, make it seem more real and less of a blur. This in itself is hard to do and I would personally love to hear from anyone, photographer or not, how they calm down this ever-present blur of life.

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