Infinity Keyboard

As an avid keyboardist, keyboarder... whatever. I jumped on the very first Inifinity Keyboard offered by Massdrop back in November of 2014. Having built it, played with it and attempted to program it with a missing web interface; there is definitely more than a few words on my mind. However, this post is more of an introduction to the knowledge gained throughout my time with it, instead of a true review/product breakdown. GitHub houses a random collection of markdown files. One specifically highlights ways to build/config/customize the Infinity's layouts.

Hopefully this helps folks out who are struggling with the seeming lack of information surrounding this obscure but, somewhat interesting way to define keyboard layouts. If for any reason you happen to want to add or correct anything, feel free to open a GitHub issue.

One last thing: There seems to be a lot of talk surrounding the bounce/debounce rate of these boards. Some of them seem to exibit double key presses from one single keypress. While this is a configurable option in the KLL files, it should not be a need if the board was properly soldered. A very easy fix is to flux/solder the connections up with quality 60/40 rosin core solder.

Update 2015-04-12

I have finally compiled all of the build scripts into one KLL based directory that could be wrapped in Git. The Git repo is, as always on GitHub and everyone should fork it if they are looking for a quick way to bootstrap their Infinity based Keyboard.

In other news, the awesome folks at Massdrop have released an ErgoDox keyboard variant that will be powered by the same configurator/keyboard mapping language. The great thing about these keyboards using the same controller is only needing to have one workman-p mapping that can be flashed to different keyboards. Which means, although I own and adore my now gen1 ErgoDox, I will definetly be picking up the new version. Likely with stiffer, Cherry MX Tactile Greys.