On Building


Just a hypothetical situation: you, yes you, I know talkinng to the reader isn't a blrg thing but, hey think about youself.


You live in a small area of the country, mauybe a city of 600,000 to 1million residents that is looking to foster a startup, scrappy culture. A scene that is focused on biotech, technology, and anything 'new.' Now think of everyone who can program, think, write, and plan


all scrambling to build products. Either the SASS variants where they can be gobbled up by the Twitters or Stripes. Or just businesses in general that provide online solutions to old school problems. This is good right?

It's the spirit of inovation, the building of products, the American WAY! Except it's a sham (or a shim) because everyone is racing to build, build, build without thinking twice. There are so many problems with this model that it isn't funny, the number one being that most of these people who crave to build, can't. Now we have people building all kinds of things but, quality dips tremendously and no longer are the Twitters and Stripes interested in the area.

Ok... Wow, whirlwind. Why is this bad.