NPM is Not Broken

Honestly... honestly, I can't believe that I am writing even a linked piece about NPM, and the 'greater JavaScript community.' It's not due to some disregard for the language, because that's simply not true. Triad JS, which was started nearly 6 months ago to serve a very small community of developers, is almost completely centered around the topic of... You guessed it: JavaScript. However, it never seems to bleed into this space, unless it's me degrading it for returning NaN over something that makes a modicum of sense.

With that, this was written this week and I just can't stand behind the following statement:

Finally, stringing APIs together and calling it programming doesn’t make it programming. It’s some crazy form of dependency hacking that involves the cloud, over-engineering things, and complexity far beyond what’s actually needed.

How many 'mashups' (the idea of stringing API's together) make 5 figure incomes every month through SASS style revenue? Way too many for me to count on my 10 fingers. Be constructive (which there is some of that in the post) but, feel free to refrain from soap box assumptions surrounding "what programming is or isn't."