Solidus Conf, A Recap

Solidus Conf 2016 just came to a close. Solidus, an ecom framework that was recently forked from Spree, has had a temultous first few years of life. This was technically the second Solidus Conference and shows just how much the framework has grown over the past two years. Let's take a quick retrospective of what went on during the conference, and look to where things are headed for the future.

The conference itself skewed fairly heavy towards the technical side. Many of the presenters talked about development specific ideas. Some of these talks surrounded bettering the admin interface, building a better tax system, and how to utilize modern devops techniques to deploy traffic rich stores. Next to changes to the Admin layout and colour scheme, the second largest thing talked about was coming improvements to performance. This topic wasn't only talked about by Clarke in his opening statements but, by many folks in the audience between talks.

Performance while a large topic, didn't completely overshadow the admin changes.