Everything On Twitter Is Free

Yesterday I started doing some research on a new blog series... Of sorts. Who knows if it will end tomorrow or manifesting into anything. However, like the beginning of all good research, I decided to reach out to the community and inquitre if anyone had some good ideas. Almost immediatly I received the following tweet:

@braidn oh you want free ideas via twitter!!!! I get it. ;) 1. respect their time 2. KIT on slack for more than just biz chat

— Dana Publicover (@danadilly) June 10, 2016

The two ideas were pretty legit, even if I don't really know what 'KIT' is. Though the first half is a little baffling. Was Dana thinking that there was anything different than free ideas on Twitter? Maybe I have missed something and Twitter has become some bizarre, non free platform where all ideas from everyone are monitized. Perhaps this is where App.net dissapeared to.

Here is the thing 'Dana': the entirety of the internet is one single, free idea. That's how it all came into being. The Internet is not some place to sell or hauck your thoughts.

Build something, make a product you can sell or produce a ton of content that angles your 'tribe' into a real life, non-software product. All of these ideas are items worth paying for. They bring value to their purchasers and solve real problems. Enriching the web and giving back to the same platform is where the money is. The amount of American fun tickets you will find in this medium will always outweight that of monetizing your advise through Twitter.

It's kind of the whole open source mantra.