Something Something Absense

It's been forever and sometime during the beginning of the year there was some promise of consistency. Well folks, life certainly hit the proverbial shit fan. Early on this year, my abode was mistaken for a pillow by a neighbor's tree. After insurance, contractors, phone calls, and more phone calls later, everything is finally finished and we can resume the writing promised earlier on.

The off time though over the past several months was not ill spent. There has been a ton of time playing in new communities, mainly my newfound love of keyboards. Artisans, 60%, 40%, ortholinear, staggered columns, and others all have been explored in the name of science. If by chance you program for a living and you have realized that your list of tools is smaller than your contractors, get ready for some epic reviews and esoteric rants on the world of keyboarding.

In programming news: this year was meant to be spent on learning Elm with a focus on uping my Elixir game, I have also become extremely interested in the power of Crystal. It just seems like it's footprint is a great cross between Elixir and Ruby. Who knows though, Elixir, with Phoenix is a really strong contender for Ruby and Rails these days. Work has definitely been a little hectic which has dwindled my time to spend learning which makes me a little sad. If things go completely sideways though with languages this year, there is always next.

Oh! There has been a late stage return of the pomodoro technique in daily workflows. Productivity, a relatively old love of mine, has been on the forefront over the past month. Timeboxing and pomodoros have crept back into the daily workflow. They have been such a great tool, there is some hesitation to why they were left behind in the first place.

With the summer drawing to a close, the house being 102% on the mend, and overall work life easing back into the normal, I am excited to get some of the stuff that is rattling around in my brain, onto this platform.