Feedback Is The Only Way Forward

One of the hardest things to give (seemingly) isn't a well placed gift. It's not love or anything elsewise intangible and squishy. it's simple, honest, and mostly well thoughout feedback. Feedback is by far, the hardest gift to give as a boss or any mentor.

Because it's such a tough object to hand to anyone, it often get's set to the side and forgotten. Replaced by niceties, agreements, and mostly frivolous chit chat. While this is certainly not the end of the world, the lack of constant quality feedback, in any setting leads to lackluster growth and engagement.

In a team setting (perhaps at work but, also could easily apply to sports), this waning of candid feedback stunts the growth of each individual. However, this isn't the future of all teams, software or not. Actually there is someone in the space who is already taking on these cultures of constant praise.

Carol Scott, author of Radical Candor, built a book along with a business around coaching feedback for teams and individuals. If for some bizarre reason you, the reader, haven't taken the time to read this book, pls do. If anything, it will make you value the feedback you receive, and boost that which you give to others in your life.

Hopefully this quote resonates with you as much as it did I (it's one of my favorites).

“The fastest path to artificial relationships at work, and to the gravitational pull of organizational mediocrity, is to insist that everyone have the same worldview before building relationships with them.