Brainstorming New Posts In The Open

After months of promising more writing, and frankly there being none... Your favorite RSS reader isn't fooling you! This is indeed a somewhat late, mostly very quick, and likely full of holes post! There is no news or even a hope of consistent writing anytime soon. However, what this is:

A place to generate ideas for new, future potential posts.

These will either reside here on Cloudbacon or they will make their way through a rigorous standards process, snaking through 'the machine', and finally reaching their end on/at Into The Tech. If something lands on Into the Tech though, there will be plenty of cross posting here. Meaning no worries, there is no need to look for an RSS button on Medium (honestly is there? I doubt it)

Without further ado though, let's get on with that promised brainstorming session of blog posts.

  1. 'Where In The World Is Carman Sandiago'
    Now that travel is a definite way of life, perhaps more sharing here is a good thing. Smaller posts about random things that happen along the way, with ample examples of how to hack your way through LGA
  2. 'ReasonML And A Language of 2010'
    In the past there has been a lot of sharing when it comes to languages (programming) that I learn on a yearly basis. There has been little talk of this over the past several years and it's always a wonderful way to solidify language constructs by teaching others.
  3. 'GraphQL Me Pls'
    So what piece of technology is literaly everyone using these days? How does it actually make any of our lives better and is it something that will be around in 10 years (Rest certainly will). I have actually been 'touring' with a talk at the moment that could use a life, translated into a written format.
  4. 'Hobbies and Not The Ones With Large Hairy Feet'
    It's been sometime since I have shared what's yanking money out of my wallet. Hobbies in life have certainly changed over the past few years. Cycling from keyboards, excercise, and to mechanical watches. There is a lot of good content here and a lot of information just trapped, banging around in my brain.
  5. 'Anything and Everything Glossier'
    Yes it's official, Glossier is and has been home now for a while. There hasn't been a lot written on the subject. Which means there is a dirth of items that the community would love to hear about. Mainly, and it's a well guarded secret: my favorite balm flavor. Shocker, not shocker; it's Coconut.
  6. 'What Is A CI Server Really For'
    Honestly it continues to be a surprise for most people here. When it's not, it ends up being treated as some precious metal. > Don't push that to CI because it will consume a worker/thread/whatever Ah... that's exactly what these objects are. They are bigger servers that have a very succinct instruction set. Their processors don't have to be thermally controlled or survive the vibration of a daily commute. They are meant to be hounded relentlessly!
  7. 'Steps to Stay Remotely Healthy'
    Programming isn't widely known to be the most healthy profession. Double this with being at home all day in a remote work environment and you have a recipe for a health disaster. After surviving this world for nearly 8 years now, there is a wide range of topics that span mental and physical health.
  8. 'Cultivating A Long Running Personal Wiki'
    I may not be Ward Cunninham but, I have had a wiki that's been around in some form for many years. There is a world of topics here. Perhaps other people don't know how or where to start, what language they should choose or even how to prune a long running Wiki after years of its' existence.

And that's a wrap! Five quick blog ideas that could and certainly should become actual content in the near future. Perhaps this brainstorming will actually get more posts out there. Maybe not. Never forget though.

Edit 2018-09-27 15:02:

Since this brainstorming session will occur several times a month, it makes more sense to wrap it all together as one post. It won't leak into the new post part of an RSS/JSON feed but, should show up as edits in Feedbin and other readers that track that thing. Any new ideas will be added to the above list.