Intro To Docker Presentation

For the better half of 4 years now, there has been an open community for all JavaScript developers in the North Carolina Triad. TriadJS remains a no bullshit zone where folks from any pogramming discipline can share their thoughts and ideas. On January 9th, I kicked off our 2020 speaker series with a small presentation around Docker Fundamentals.

Unlike most Docker intros, this talk focused on the history of containers and the building of simple Dockerfiles. There was little mention of the differences between 'containers' and 'images'. While these items are fundamental to Docker, they can be a bit confusing and are ancillary until one dives deeper into other fundamentals.

The origins of this talk came from witnessing folks stumble with Docker (almost everywhere). The ecosystem is wide/expansive and oftentimes full of jargon. While the comprehension of containers and images are integral to fully understanding the platform, a more 'useful' and hands on intro could set up foundations of success. Instead of simply hypothesizing this, I decided to test out the idea with our local JavaScript community!

Hosted slides, slide repository, and example app are all linked below:

If you have or do run into any quality intro Docker workshops, katas, videos, or whatever feel free to share.