Truths Not So Vigilantly Held.

Software engineers are pretty great at holding onto ideas for... Well, what feels like infinity. Some grey-beard will impart a slice of knowledge that completely blows us away when we were junior engineers. Years later, seemly with little validation, we continue to clutch so dear to this knowledge. We even pass it around to other newly juniored engineers or in peer groups as if it's some kind of gospel. However, these 'nuggets of gold' are often opinions that should be loosly held, rigorously tested on a yearly interval, and continually explored with other engineers in your discepline (front-end/back-end).

Over the entirety of 2020 I began to question and think a little differently concerning some of the above. The following is a list of opinions that I gathered, let go of, and ultimatly kept in my clutches.

The structure of this post is highly influenced by this wonderfully written piece

Items Dropped

Things Learned/Accumulated

Opinions Still Closely Clutched!