'Many moons ago' there was this really interesting startup that focused on security and identity management. Like anything good, they were quickly noticed by a company that has consistently failed in this domain and found themselves purchased. As all 'good aquisitions' go, the product became unusable shortly there after.

Queue the search for finding a way to verify my identity and others across the Internet! Sure, one can pass around public keys (which is made fairly easy with GitHub) but, there needs to be another way to do this that includes a full fledged search feature. happened to be mentioned in my Twitter feed and looked to be a potential solution. It uses Saltpack for encrypted messaging, keeps a searchable and importable list of keys, ships with a robust CLI tool, and even supports FIDO2 devices! To top things off, it's completely open source.

If you want to exchange messages, or simply verify my identity on other platforms (GitHub/Twitter), import my user from the id included in the following request:

 curl ""

Excited to see how this platform changes and how accessible it makes Saltpack, key management and verification.