What I am Learning in 2023

Self Education

Being a developer means constantly staying on top of things, learning new technology, and striving to better one's self. This is an ever-green space to capture things that I have learned throughout the 2023 year.

The plan is to have one of these pages created for documenting each year. Throughout the year, I will add items and relevant links to the list below. The idea here being that more of my self education, 'research and development', or 'faffing off' experiments bubble into the open versus hidden away in GitHub.

The impetus of sharing this work in the open, isn't so much to toot what I addicted to (development wise) but, to reach for transparency in most (if not all of) my personal education goals. Transparency is also a huge pillar in FAST Goals. A goal writing framework which has been top of mind for the past several years.

The List