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Hi! My name is Braden Douglass or "braidn" throughout the Internet. I am (currently) writing about Engineering, Mentorship, Serverless, and Team Building @ here

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For folks who are are absolutely new here or perhaps have only showed up once, here is a curated list to get to know me, my writing style and what to expect from this space.

These posts will help anyone assertain not only the tone that I aim for but, the content and depth that you can expect from anything new that may appear in your RSS reader or inbox of choice.

This list is also very transitional and highly likely to change. If it's the only thing you read here, make sure to come back by for a new list bimonthly

Battlestations in 2023
Feedback Is The Only Way Forward
Being Remote And Successful
How To Think Like A Vimer
On Being Opinionated

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Battlestations in 2023
Nix Intros
Return To Office (Amazon Reaction)
What I am Learning in 2023
2022 In The Bag
What's Next in 2022
Thinking In The Open
Things To Tickle My Fancy in 2021
Multipass Powered Docker on the Mac
It's Just Code
Testing GraphQL Schemas
Learning Something New.
Truths Not So Vigilantly Held.
DynamoDB Without DocumentClient in AWS's V3 SDK
2021 Programming Language Selection
Running Service Containers in GitHub Actions
Taming GitHub's Notification Flow
Uses This 2020 Edition
A Case For Consolidation Of Words
Crystal Dev Containers
Vim Setup Changes in 2020
Introducing The Top Six
2020 Programming Language
Remote Procedural Call Style APIs in 2020
The Three R's
A Bang Up Companion.
Intro To Docker Presentation
2019 Year in Review
New Development Workflows
Stepping Back To Refocus
Selenium Made Simple In Docker Environments
The Shape Of Your Code
Brainstorming New Posts In The Open
The Case For A Programmer's Shop Manual
Feedback Is The Only Way Forward
2017 In Review
Twitter Is A...
The Easiest Way To Be A Better Developer
Elm And The Power Of The Dot
Eyes On The Code Review Prize
On Open Workspaces
Being Remote And Successful
A Mail Workflow
Something's In The Water
And That Is A 2016 Wrap
Something Something Absense
Everything On Twitter Is Free
Solidus Conf, A Recap
NPM is Not Broken
A Tall Tale
DynaTech Double O Nine
Remote in Twenty Sixteen
Twenty Fifteen Retrospective
Derailing Tech Interviews For The Better
Hubot Sightings With Monit
Exploring Mini Code Detoxes
On Building
Webpack Hot Reload And Rails
Infinity Keyboard
Problem Solving In Golang
Javascript For A Week
2014 Year In
Nerd Me A Podcast
Slack ZNC and IRC Meet For A Shootoff Tweaks
Compilation Starts With A 'C'
Goodbye Bloated Fellow
Returns And Deploying Bower/Rails Things
AppSignal And Cloud66 Deploys
The Long Troll
Keys To Being Awesome
Reading Isn't A Laughing
Pencils, Like Panthers
Dreaming In The
Staging Your Personal SS
Writing Better Specs
Knowing Where You Suck
Of Startups and Glue
The Single Most Useful Thing
Triad Startups Launched
Microsoft + Education + Phishing =
Don't Be ...
Convention VS Configuration
New Notes
Rails Custom Code
Feelings Concerning PHP
Excel Will Eat Your Heart
Make it Sexy Productive
Show Yourself Off
The Old Guard
Tmux Powerline Pimping
In The Pipe
Boredom To Getting Something Done
MDN At Your Finger
Power To The Cube
Vimwiki is Everywhere
Pow Lessons
Ubuntu Shitting On Things
Minnesota Declares Itself Dumb
Hand Writing Code
NVM without Xcode
My Stance on Images
Smaht Koaning
The Hardest Thing
The End
Something Random
A Journal
Do One Thing Every Day
I Could Care Less About
The Cheapest Of All
Believe in Your Product
The Software Behind
Thinking in Markup
Breakable Toys
Fuck The 80/20 Rule
Cummings And Goingz
Cucumber 101
Don't Raise Your
15 Days In
iCloud VS Dropbox
Note Cards For
Chaos Development
Leader Is My Power Animal
Being Healthy And A Programmer
Current Workflows
Delivering Happiness
Distrust The Magic
Leave MacVim To The Noobz
3 Things
30 Minute Tarcks
How To Think Like A Vimer
Cocks At A Conference
30 Day Blogging Challenge
One Of The Best Ruby Primers
Slobbering MakeUp on a Pig
Colours Matter
Vim Can Suck
Give Em The Finger
Something In The Air Stinks
Amercia vs Cantada
Software Development and Knowledge
Constructive Critisism Goes a Long Way
Be Merry, Track Your Time
Inherit The World
Rolling SOPA Blackouts
Summary of Potential Readers
Flinch For Your Life
Angry NYC Ruby Devs
Get Rid Of Command T
People Can't Read
Make Never A Date To Stop Learning
On Steve Jobs Bio
Git Powered Blog Drafts
Thoughts On Reason
SysAdmins On The Rise?
On Demanding Free Awesome-Software
Unreasonable People Win
An American in 2011
Omega Lion Time Saver
Quicksilver Still Can't Make The Cut
Seagate Hybrid Drive Solution
Mac App Store and Bootable Images
Laptop Super Juice
Three Finger Swipe In Lion
Official Anti-Powerpoint Party
Syntax Highlighters in Nanoc
On Being Opinionated
Epic Twitter Conversation
MacBook Air and Five Apps
Malware Inside my Apple
Cheap People = Craptacular
It Skillz Test
Google Shakes It Up With Chromebooks
Thursday Borefest
Favorite Why The Lucky Stiff Quote
Why Environment Matters
Ruby Job of The Week
Something New and An App
A Triumphant Return to Cloudbacon
Color Me Castrated
Griddled Cheese
Social Media Penises
Productivity High
SSH Like a Linux Pro You Dawg
Makeshift Desk In Any Chair
Write Something Awesome
Live With Kick Ass People
2011 MacBooks Can't Take It
Fixing MYSQL in Homebrew
Professionalism At Its
Duck Stepping Around Privacy in My Underwear
Why Is Twitter Scared Again? Oh Right
Table Tennis Creativity
Memories...Social Ones I Guess
On Starting New
SXSW 2011 Intro
Shit Is Moving